[R195 : page 3]


Waiting and watching the livelong day,
Lifting the voice of her heart to pray;
She stands in her sorrow the bride and
Counting the hours that lie between.

Lone as a dove, on a storm-swept sea,
Teaching her heart hope's minstrelsy;
With a cheerful note, though a weary
She learns o'er sorrow to soar and sing.

Abroad through the earth is a sound of
Distress among nations, wide and far;
And the failing of strong men's hearts
for fear
Of the dreadful things that are drawing

Famine and pestilence stalk abroad;
Scoffers are slighting the Word of God;
And the love of many is waxing cold;
Dimmed is the sheen of the once fine

But she stands in her safety, the bride
and queen,
Leaning as only the loved can lean
On the heart that broke in its love for her,
When bearing the burden she could not
bear. British Evangelist.