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"Day Dawn" or the Gospel in Type
and Prophecy.

This is the title of the new book referred to in our Feb'y No. we are pleased to know that it will soon be ready—probably about May 1st. The table of contents before us, show it to contain 28 chapters (probably from 350 to 400 pages.) on subjects of deepest interest to all of us. It will we doubt not supply a long felt want, viz: A book containing a connected and well expressed account, of our understanding of the prophecies their import and teaching as well as their harmony with the other teachings of God's word. In a word "The Law," "The Prophets" and "The Gospel" and their unity.

We cannot but be benefited and strengthened by going over the Time arguments which establish our whereabouts on the stream of time. Our foundations are so strong, the evidences so many and so weighty, that when fully comprehended, it is easier to believe than to doubt, the presence of the heavenly Bridegroom. It will strengthen and build you up in your most holy faith, we hope. Again it is a pleasure to have a book to hand to your neighbor and friend written in a simple but scholarly manner. (Though we have not seen the MSS. we have reason to expect all of this from our brother's pen.) Bro. Paton of Almont, Mich., one of our regular contributors is the author. Bro. A. D. Jones, Pittsburgh, Pa., also a correspondent is the publisher.

It is unnecessary to say that the book is not gotten out for money making purposes, but for the glory of God and blessing of the household of faith. We are authorized to say that any interested but unable to pay can have the book FREE. To those who can pay, the price will be

In paper covers postage prepaid each, $ .50
6 copies paper covers by express..... 2.00
12 " " " " " ..... 4.00
Cloth covers, postage prepaid........ .75
6 copies cloth covers postage prepaid 3.50
12 " " " " " 7.00

Orders should be addressed to

A. D. Jones, Pittsburgh, Pa.