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Tract Supplement No. 1.

With this number we send Tract No. 1. We have arranged for quite a number of them, and you may expect one or two a month for several months. They will all be free, on condition that you order no more than you will wisely use.

We will not send more than 25 at one time. You can re-order when they are gone. This is a way in which all can "both labor and suffer reproach," as well as give the "glad tidings" to some who have ears to hear and hearts to appreciate; "The love of God, which passeth all understanding," revealed to us in His word.

We suggest that each tract be carefully read by you before you give it to others.

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On page 55, seventh line from bottom, should read: "A person must be begotten," &c.

On page 235, third line from bottom, should read: "It is raised in in corruption."

On page 330, fourth line from top, read 1874 instead of 1844.

If each one having a book will mark these changes in his book, it may help whoever reads it. We discover quite a number of typographical errors, and words misspelled, which we trust the reader to correct. The three mentioned above are perhaps the most important mistakes; the second and third very important. J. H. P.

[Any of our readers who have not yet read this valuable book should do so at once. It will renew your strength.—ED.]


We have received, during the last month, quite a number of letters, inquiring whether we have regular meetings, and where held; the writers expressing themselves as desirous of meeting with us when in the city.

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We have meetings every Sunday from 2:30 to 4 P.M., and a Wednesday evening meeting at 7:30 o'clock. We shall make any who can meet with us very welcome. It was quite a neglect, that a regular standing notice of these meetings has not been kept in the paper from the first; It will, however, be found this month and hereafter, in first column of first page.

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IT seems to me the trials and the temptations of this life are all making us fit for the life to come—building up a character for eternity. You have been in a piano manufactory; did you ever go there for the sake of music? Go into the tuning room and you will say, "My dear sir, this is a dreadful place to be in; I cannot bear it; I thought you made music here." They say, "No we do not produce music here; we make the instruments and tune them here, and in the process much discord is forthcoming." Such is the church of God on earth. The Lord makes the instruments down here, and tunes them, and a great deal of discord is perceptible, but it is all necessary to prepare us for the everlasting harmonies up yonder.—Spurgeon.

[R204 : page 8]

—Subscribers write us saying that they are 'very poor and will send money for the paper as soon as they can get it.' To answer all such at once let us say, that if you are very poor we do not want you to send us any money. Let us know that you want it and you can have it free.