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"What man is he that feareth the Lord? Him
shall He teach in the way that He shall choose."
Ps. 25:12.
Let Him teach thee, weary soul; Isa. 1:4.
Let His hands now make thee whole; Job 5:18.
Let His peace thy heart control,— Col. 3:15.
Let Him teach thee.
Into paths of righteousness Ps. 23:3.
Let Him lead and let Him bless; Ps. 67:7.
Let Him save thee from distress,— Ps. 107:18.
Let Him teach thee.
Let Him guide thee with His eye; Ps. 32:8.
Let His hand thy need supply; Phil. 4:19.
Let His goodness satisfy,— Ps. 65:4.
Let Him teach thee.
Let His good word sanctify: Jno. 17:17.
Let the furnace purify; 1 Peter 1:7.
Let Him say "Fear not; 'tis I," Mark 6:50.
Let Him teach thee.
Let Him probe thy heart within; Ps. 66:10.
Let Him search out every sin: Ps. 139:23.
Let the glorious light shine in,— 2 Cor. 4:6.
Let Him teach thee.
Let the Shepherd kindly feed;
Let Him gently, gently lead; Isa. 40:11.
(He'll not break the bruised reed), Isa. 42:3.
Let Him teach thee.
Let Him give thee songs at night; Job 35:10.
Let Him make the darkness light; Isa. 42:16.
Let Him set thy spirit right,— Ps. 51:10.
Let Him teach thee.
In the tumult let Him hide, Ps. 37:5. Ps. 31:20.
Let Him keep thee at His side; Ex. 33:21.
Let His name be glorified,— Isa. 41:3.
Let Him teach thee.