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In our last paper we had an article headed "1,000 Preachers Wanted," which brought many good responses and we trust started some into the Vineyard who had been anxiously looking for some way in which they could give their time to teaching and preaching from house to house; making known to their fellow Christians "The good word of God," the gospel of which Paul was not ashamed. This was the meaning we wished to convey: if there are others such, we will be glad to hear from them and we continue to such the same offer.

But some seem to have misapprehended us and thought we wanted everybody—regular canvassers and book agents, and called the attention of their friends to it as a nice chance to obtain some employment, etc. This is a misapprehension of our proposition. We want laborers (and so does the Lord) who will be working for heavenly wages, rather than for the price of a paper or book, be that ever so needful. No, we want those only who can explain the paper and book and plan, who as they go will preach, saying: "The kingdom of heaven is at hand, repent ye." (Matt. 3:2).