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This number ushers in our third volume and third year, and we take the liberty of wishing both our paper and its readers a happy and profitable new year.

The Editor never enjoyed a year so much—of growth in grace and in knowledge and in love—as the one just closed: He hopes, and has reason to believe from the expressions of hundreds of letters received, that the readers have been similarly blessed. And for us all we pray that our bountiful Father and present King, may continue to dispense his favors feeding, strengthening and enlightening us more and more during the year begun.

This seemed a favorable time for a change in the TERMS of the paper, which we accordingly have made, for several reasons.

First: This is a part of the preaching of the gospel, and it is both without price and beyond price; and we believe that it would be just as proper to charge for admission to hear the spoken Word—or to charge pew rent—as to charge for the written gospel.

Second: Many of the Lord's purest jewels are very poor, and though the paper was offered—"Free to the poor," many of this class do not like to ask favors except of the Lord: Such, under our new terms, will feel no embarrassment in asking for it; and coming to them like all the bounties of heaven—sunshine, air, etc., they will appreciate it more as one of the gifts which "cometh down from our Father."

Third: The subscription price was made so low in endeavoring to make it burdenless upon the majority of our readers who cannot well afford to spend more, that it did not pay expenses. (The paper from the first, has only paid about two-thirds of its expenses—not to mention the additional cost of Supplements during the last six months.)

Fourth: The truth is worth more than gold, and its price is above rubies, and doubtless there are some who could as well pay one hundred or one thousand dollars, as others could pay one dollar; and the new terms will place the responsibility where it belongs—with each one of us according to our several ability.

Fifth: If it is the right way, as we believe, it should be followed regardless of consequences, and will be. If the means necessary for its publication become exhausted, the paper will stop. We will not go into debt, neither will we ever beg—It is the Lord's business; He is rich—"all the gold and silver of the mountains are his, and the cattle upon a thousand hills," and if he does not supply necessary means, we should know of no better way of judging that he wished the paper discontinued. Therefore,


that all moneys due and in arrears on subscriptions are now stricken out, and all who desire "ZION'S WATCH TOWER" continued, will please send word immediately.

Brethren and sisters who have heretofore taken subscriptions for this paper, will please notice the change and hereafter collect no money, on account of this paper. If disposed, they may take the addresses of those who desire and request the paper, and forward the same to this office. All free will offerings to the WATCH TOWER, should be sent direct to its office.