[R298 : page 8]


We have been so much engaged by the tract work during the past three months that the issuance of the last two numbers of the W.T. has, of necessity, been considerably delayed. Our apology must be found in article under the head of "In the Vineyard."

To many who may have written important letters or ones requiring some answer, the same apology must be offered. The distribution of the pamphlets and papers have brought from their readers hundreds of letters, asking questions or requesting back numbers of the paper, etc. We answered quite a good many of these, but they come so fast, and our time has been so limited, that nearly a thousand letters and postal cards have now accumulated—unopened and unread, and probably your letter is among them.

The Lord has provided more office help (for it is difficult to get suitable assistance), and we hope to get ahead of the work before long.

Let us here remark that we do not send receipts for regular subscriptions—the amount is too small. You know when and what you send, and we keep a careful record of all receipts. If subscriptions are lost in the mail we will be responsible for it, and be the losers. If your paper fails to come to hand any month, inform us by card if you have paid in advance, or if, as one unable to pay, you have requested to be put on the "Lord's poor list."