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This Society was organized less than one year ago, for the object indicated by the name. It is but proper that a statement should now be made at the beginning of the year 1882.

The object of the Society was stated but no requests for help were made. The donations below mentioned, were free-will offerings—some giving until they could feel it. The amounts ranged from one dollar up to thousands.

Total am'ts of cash received, ..$35,391.18
" expenditures in printing,
etc., etc., .............. 35,336.18
Balance in treasury, Jan. ......$ 55.00
Bills coming due, about ........ 400.00

To all whose donations have been over one hundred dollars, we have made special reports, and to any donor the books are always open for inspection.

We propose continuing this fund, and will endeavor to use it prudently as fast as it is received. In fact as will be noticed in the above report, the expenditure generally exceeds the receipts, but a brother who has already contributed largely, guarantees any debts incurred, to the amount of one thousand dollars in excess of receipts.

It is a principle with us, not to allow the Lord's money to rust.

Should the fund increase sufficiently to permit it, we propose using some portion of it for sending out other laborers.

We never solicit donations. Those who possess this world's goods and are wholly consecrated need only to know how they can use it. Donations to this fund should be specified. Address C. T. Russell, Pittsburgh.


An article from Bro. A. D. Jones of the Day Star, relative to "The blessed dying"—in harmony with views presented in our last two issues—is crowded out of this number, but will appear in our next.

Bro. J. requests us to correct an error which occurred in fourth column second page of the last (Dec.) number of the Day Star, viz: "To the division of the land," sixty instead of six years.

We sent samples of the Day Star to about seven thousand names of our list, that they might have opportunity to judge of its merits.