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This is the title of a new book we are about to publish. It will contain some matter already published, and much that will be new. It will contain a statement of what we understand to be the plan of God, an explanation of the most prominent symbols of the book of Revelation, together with comments on many of the "parables and dark sayings" of Jesus and the Apostles, and the Scriptural time proofs showing our present whereabouts on the stream of time, written in a clear and pointed, yet as condensed a manner as possible.

It will not only be such a book as you would desire to loan to interested ones, and would want to study yourself, but it will be arranged with a view to making it a


on almost all theological subjects.

It will contain matter from the pens of several brethren well known to the readers of the WATCH TOWER, yet the work will not mention the name of any writer. We have thus arranged for several reasons: First, we shall thus have the benefit of the ability of several writers, each of whom may excel in his own peculiar channel; Second, such a method will serve to restrain personal pride and egotism, so often lamentably noticeable among men who have "written a book"; Third, it will be advantageous to you as readers, teaching you [R335 : page 2] to lean not on the words or opinions of any man, but to test all things solely and only by the Word of God—"that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God." Lastly and chiefly, we hope that by thus veiling humanity, the glory of truth's Divine Author may the more appear.

The price will be fixed at such a sum as will place it within the reach of all—just about cost and postage, probably 50 cents for cloth bound.

This work is made necessary, not only by reason of the edition of "Day Dawn," published in 1880, being about exhausted, but also from the fact that since its publication, many precious and brilliant jewels of truth have been found. By reason of our being in "The path of the just which shineth more and more unto the perfect day," no book could be written which would long be a fresh and full expression of the ever unfolding beauties of our Father's Word and plan.

"And still new beauties shall we see,
And still increasing light."

The name which we have selected will distinguish it from the old "Day Dawn," and yet is sufficiently like it to identify it with the edition which we have advertised the world over in the "Food." However, after the present edition of Day Dawn is exhausted, you may, for abbreviation and convenience, use the same name for the new work, and it will be understood by us. We have on hand about 100 COPIES OF "DAY DAWN," cloth bound, the price of which, we will reduce to 50 cents each to close them out before the new work appears. Address, C. T. RUSSELL,

No. 101 5th Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.