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Many inquiries come relative to helps to Bible study, and doubtless many desire information on the subject who have not written.

To all such we would say that the most valuable publication of the kind known to us is the Emphatic Diaglott. It contains the New Testament in the Greek by Griesbach; also a word-for-word English translation of the same, placed directly under the Greek text, so as to be of greatest service to the student; it contains also an arranged version based on the readings of three very old Greek MSS. Altogether, we can say for it, that in our estimation it is the most valuable translation of the N.T., extant, for both the English and Greek student.

We have for some time felt that our readers would be much benefited by its aid, and have furnished them to you at the wholesale price, $2.95 (cloth bound), the retail price being $4.

Many, especially of the poorer of our readers, will be glad to learn, that we have come across a lot, new and fresh in every particular, and but slightly damaged in the fly-leaves. To all intents and purposes they are the regular $4 books—in no respect do they differ, except in the front "fly-leaves."

We have purchased the 83 copies of the above described, and will furnish them to our readers at $1.50 per copy (this includes postage). Those desiring should send at once as we are confident this number will not half supply the wants of subscribers. Orders will be filled in rotation.

Let us add a word: It is important that we should each provide ourselves with helps in study; better deny yourselves some of the luxuries of food or clothing (sometimes almost considered necessities), and be possessed of needed assistants for direction in the heavenly course.