[R337 : page 3]


O, when Christians meet and part,
This thought is graved on every heart—
We're dear to God!
The future Princes in disguise
Each look on each with loving eyes,
All dear to God.
O, wonder! to the Eternal One,
Dear as His first beloved Son;
Dearer to Jesus than His blood,
Dear, since the Spirits fixed abode,
Yes, dear to God.

Though frailties cause each other pain,
Still does this thought our love retain—
We're dear to God!
When truth compels us to contend,
What love with earnest searchings blend,
Since filled with God.
When any glance from pilgrim's lot,
Back to earth's charms, forget them not,
But win them back with love and prayer;
And leave them not to perish there—
Those dear to God.

Shall we be there so near, so dear,
And be estranged and cold whilst here
If dear to God?
No, though by cares and toils oppress'd
We've found in God our perfect rest,
Love binds our hearts and heals our woes;
We cannot do enough for those
So dear to God!
R. W.