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We desire to correct an error into which some of our readers have fallen, relative to this work, which we hope soon to put in press, and a notice of which appeared in our last issue. We wish you to understand that this work is not a revision of the book called "DAY DAWN, OR THE GOSPEL IN TYPE AND PROPHECY." It will be a totally different book, except that some of the same subjects will be treated, among others. We would have the new work and all our publications judged on their own merits, as in or out of harmony with the Word of God; therefore would not wish to have them confounded with others.

Our object in calling our forthcoming publication, "MILLENNIAL DAY DAWN," is this: The pamphlet "Food for Thinking Christians," published in England and in this country, and circulated to an enormous extent, contains a reference to a book called "Day Dawn." The work we desired to commend to them by that notice was the old "Day Dawn," the edition of which is now almost exhausted. And we now desire that notice to apply to the "MILLENNIAL DAY DAWN." To secure to the readers of "Food" and others, a work in harmony with the teachings of that pamphlet, is the object in publishing our new work; and to associate the advertisement and the book we desire the readers to have, is our object in including in its name the old name.

There is a book published called "DAY DAWNING," and we learn of one soon to be published entitled "DAY DAWN OR GOSPEL IN TYPE AND
PROPHECY"—"REVISED EDITION," advanced sheets of which, we have received. Neither of these works are in harmony with the book "Day Dawn," advertised in "Food," nor with any publications issued from this office. We make this statement in order that none shall confound MILLENNIAL DAY DAWN" with any other.

We still have a number of copies of old "DAY DAWN," cloth bound, at the reduced price of 50 cents each.

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We have written, suggesting to the Christian brother who is about to call his new work, "Day Dawn," etc., that some change should be made in its title, as it is liable to be confounded with the original work of that name. Since the two works will be fundamentally different, each should stand on its own merit.

Should the author persist in calling his forth-coming work by precisely the same name, he should not be surprised if the inference drawn, is, that he desires to appropriate the world-wide advertisement given the original "Day Dawn," both by its publisher, Bro. A. D. Jones, and through the WATCH TOWER publications. WATCH TOWER publications gave over sixteen hundred thousand (1,600,000) free notices and warm commendations of "Day Dawn" without money or price, because of the TRUTHS which it contained. (Not that we have ever considered it free from all error, but because of its many and fundamental truths.)

We question both the justice and propriety of calling any new work by precisely the same name as an old one from which it so widely differs—the reputation of which name has been built up by those who agreed with the principles of the original.