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In answer to numerous inquiries we would say that this work is progressing, and will issue as soon as possible, though doubtless that will not be for some time. We desire that when issued it may be not only a book for study, but valuable for reference on all Bible topics. We request your patience.

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Realizing the necessity of helps in Bible study, as needful as tools to the mechanic, we have for some time past made it our business to seek and negotiate for some of the more indispensable helps at wholesale rates or less, for the benefit of our readers, very many of whom could not afford a large outlay.

We have heretofore mentioned the superior value of The Emphatic Diaglott, a literal translation of the New Testament, which furnishes in addition the Greek text, and a word-for-word English translation of the same—very valuable to a Greek scholar, and doubly so to the student who is not. We still have some copies of this work slightly damaged on inside of cover (scarcely noticeable) which we can mail you for $1.50 per copy, the usual price of which is $4. This we consider superior to all other helps.

Cruden's complete Bible Concordance, well known standard work, very useful in finding Scriptural passages, we can mail for $1.20 per copy, cloth bound.

"Young's Bible Concordance" gives each word in order under its Hebrew or Greek original, with the literal English meaning of each. A very valuable work for careful students. By express, $1.75; by mail, 51c. extra for postage. Cloth bound.

Oxford Teacher's Bibles.—We can supply you with any of these at the wholesale price. We have one job lot of these at $1.30 per copy. They contain partial concordance, maps, etc. Limp cover, gilt edge, small sized type.

The "Millennial Day Dawn," when ready, will prove, we hope, a very valuable helper.

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We have a fund which is spent as fast as it accumulates, in printing and distributing tracts, slips, and extra-sized editions of the "TOWER," such as this number, free. We state this in order that if any have a money talent and think favorably of this method, they may have the privilege of sharing with us in these methods of preaching the "good tidings of great joy."


This October number is a little larger than our usual issue. We send out this month 400,000 copies, and as it will be read by many totally unacquainted with the views presented, we desire to give them sufficient mental food to excite an appetite for more, which we will be glad to furnish on application.

Order all you can use of this number for judicious free distribution.


"THE TABERNACLE and its teachings," a treatise on the meaning of the typical offerings and sacrifices.


Why evil was permitted, etc."

"THE MINISTER'S DAUGHTER," a leaflet suitable for awakening thought on the love of God. This is the best tract for general distribution, and for enclosing with a letter to a friend.

The above can be had FREE on application, for free distribution.