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At the commencement of another year it is proper that you should have a report from this fund. It will be found below. We regret that it shows us to be so much in debt. An error in our bank account misled us, else we should not have published the last 100,000 edition of the Oct. Z.W.T. However, they are printed and most of them in the hands of new readers and we have reason to believe, from the letters constantly coming to hand, that they are seeking out and nourishing truth-hungry saints. So what is the fund's loss is their gain. Then, too, perhaps our Father designed testing our faith. In everything let us give thanks.

As will be seen below, the Fund is in debt over $2,500, and of course no further work can be undertaken by the Fund until this debt is paid. We regret this exceedingly, and partly because in our last issue we held out a hope to some, who have long desired it, that we would soon issue the October TOWER in German and in Swedish.

A plan suggested to us is the only way out of the difficulty which we can see. It is this: We can start two sub-funds, one for the German and the other for the Swedish papers, and those desirous of contributing specially to these can thus do so. A Swedish brother has already sent $8.50 for the latter, and a German sister $3 for the former fund. When either of these funds shall amount to $200, we will commence to print and go as far as we can. Meantime we will, by the assistance of brethren, have translations prepared.


Total am't expended up to Jan. 1, 1882..$35,336.18
Am't expended during 1882....$5,945.20
Receipts during 1882......... 3,373.86
Deficiency or am't owing....$2,571.34
Amount expended for year 1882........... 5,945.20
Total amount expended up to Jan. —————
1, 1883................................$41,281.38
As the result of this year's expenditure
we have to report the publication of
"The Tabernacle" pamphlet........... 15,000 copies
Extra issues of Z.W.T. for use as
tracts............................ 347,000 "
Leaflets, "The Minister's Daughter" 100,000 "
Total (nearly half a million)..... 462,000 "

Of the above publications we have on hand about 40,000 copies, nearly all of which are the October (Tract number) of the TOWER.

During the year we mailed about 15,000 copies of the "Food" pamphlet, but as these were accounted for in last year's report, they are not mentioned above.

When it is remembered that the very large majority of our readers are of the "poor of this world," it will be seen that their interest in spreading the truth extends to their pockets, and of some at least it is true, "She hath done what she could." We hope as you view the above statement you will be able, notwithstanding the fact of our large debt, to thank God and take courage. If you could be in this office but one hour, and read some of the letters received, it would cause a renewal of your zeal and a redoubling of your efforts to spread the glad tidings, and thus preach the Gospel. C. T. RUSSELL.

[N.B.—In this connection we would remark that the supply of "Food for Thinking Christians" and "The Tabernacle" pamphlet is nearly exhausted. We urge, therefore, that you use the October TOWER when giving reading matter to truth seekers, and if after reading it, they are anxious for more, loan them "Food," and afterward, "Tabernacle." Beware of choking "babes in Christ," therefore give only one tract or paper at a time. Remember Jesus' example in this respect—"I have many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now."]