[R427 : page 3]


There's a work to be accomplished,
Such as earth has never known;
There are mighty forces gathering,
And their power will soon be shown.

They are choosing such material,
As will serve their purpose true;
And when this shall be perfected,
Glorious work on earth they'll do.

They'll beat back the powers of darkness,
They will overturn false creeds;
They will work for truth and justice,
Human rights and human needs.

Tyrant rule they will abolish,
And oppression's galling chain
Will be broken once forever;
For the Christ on earth will reign.

His an everlasting kingdom
Which shall never pass away;
And its principles eternal
Must o'er all the earth bear sway.

Mighty minds, through all the ages,
Have been working for the plan
Surely to be consummated;
"Peace on earth, good will to man."

Yes, there dawns a brighter era;
We can see the rising day,
When man, freed from error's teachings,
Soon will learn the better way.

Superstition's darkening forces,
Which so long have forged their chains,
Every day are losing power;
Only seeming strength remains.

[R428 : page 3]

Not the work of worldly wisdom,
Not the selfish schemes of man,
E'er will execute this purpose;
'Tis a higher, nobler plan;

Supervised by the immortals,
Who can clearly see the true,
And who know the wiser methods,
And the time, their work to do.

You who see the day-star rising
And can read the passing signs,
Watch, and ready stand for action;
Follow wisdom's high designs.

Trust no selfish, vain pretension,
For the work is all divine;
And the kingdom, power and glory,
Are, O Lord, forever Thine.