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This work is the common version of the New Testament, with the various readings of the three oldest Greek MSS. at the foot of each page. Its value, in determining the reliability of any disputed passage of Scripture, will be recognized at a glance. The Sinaitic MS. is beyond all question the very oldest and most correct of all MSS. It is the highest authority for the genuineness of every passage which it contains, and its comparison with others more recently written, shows that while our commonly received text is wonderfully free from corruption, it, nevertheless, contains many trifling errors, as well as a few important interpolations. This work contains as well, a history of the finding, etc., of these old MSS.

As promised, we have made arrangements by which we can furnish you with this valuable work at a reduced price. We can mail to you, post-paid, a complete copy, in paper covers, on receipt of 35 cents—at once. We have written to the foreign publishers of a cloth edition, and will be ready to report the price of cloth bound in a month or so more.