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The Lord is granting us much to encourage us lately, and no doubt his all-wise eye saw the time encouragements were most needed.

Nothing encourages us more than the excellent letters which daily come to hand in great numbers. It is pleasant to hear from those freshly interested in the truth, as a newly-found treasure long hid, even though we realize that some may be "stony-ground" hearers, who have not much root, and when persecution or distress ariseth, because of the Word, by and by may be offended and wither away as rapidly as they sprung up.

It is specially encouraging to hear of those who are growing both in grace and knowledge, enduring hardness, trials, persecutions; as good soldiers, fighting the good fight of faith, and laying hold on eternal life.

There could be no better evidence of progress and searching for truth than the many orders constantly coming in for the helps to study—a desire to take advantage of the various helps which seem to be providentially provided now.