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In Deut. 27:11-13, and Josh. 8:32-35 we are told of the blessings pronounced on the children of Israel from Mount Gerizim, and the curses from Mount Ebal; the full record of which may be found in the 28th chapter of Deuteronomy. It has doubtless seemed strange to many how these utterances could be heard from one mountain to the other; but here we have an explanation of it.

"Dr. Faunce said that he stood on Gerizim and his travelling companion, G. W. Gardner, now of Iowa, stood on Ebal, and alternately read these blessings and cursings, while others stood in the valley and responded 'amen'; and that all could hear every word distinctly, although the readers were a mile apart."

These mountains or peaks are eight hundred feet high, and are separated by a green, well-watered valley of five hundred yards wide. What a grand auditorium this valley was; and how admirably arranged by nature's great Architect, that "blessings" and "cursings" could be heard from cliff to cliff and from the valley below. How impressive the scene must have been!—Selected.