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While men are absorbed in their little cares, alternately moved by hopes and fears, the grand and stately march of human events progress onward and irresistibly to completion in the fulfillment of an inevitable law which controls all human action. Men here and there raise their puny voices as if to stay this tide of advancement, arrest this fiat of the Eternal. As well might they attempt to stay the law which governs the universe. Races have as fixed a course to run as have the stars that dazzle in the blue vault above us, and the race of Israel is the bright fixed star amongst them. In all its wanderings it has been true to its course. Its mission has been foreseen and foretold and its final restoration to the Holy Land prophesied. That this prophecy is being fulfilled the signs of the times indicate. It is being accomplished so quietly and so gradually that only those who have given the subject attention realize the importance of the work done. Our readers are to-day presented with a comprehensive statement of acts, facts and opinions in regard to this historic enterprise which cannot fail to interest all thoughtful minds. The picture presented has in it the essence of romance. It is at once real and ideal. Aside from the prophetic features of the subject, the political importance is of the deepest significance.

Palestine is a political necessity to the Jewish race. The founding of a nation in the Holy Land once more, means an exaltation of all Israel. It places her as a nation amongst the nations of the earth. It gives to the Jew that political power and sovereign right which means protection. It makes him a citizen of his country, and gives him a passport amongst the nations of the earth....This may look impracticable to the man in the counting-room absorbed in his books, to the man in his store absorbed in figuring up his profits and losses, to the man steeped in the bliss of social pleasures, but it is as clear as the noonday's sun to whoever makes a study of the political horoscope.

The political autonomy realized, the Jews scattered throughout the world will not flock to Palestine in a body. There are 300,000 Jews in Asia, 400,000 in Africa, and 5,000,000 live in Europe. It is from these that Palestine will draw its life of restoration. The American-born Jew will undoubtedly remain an American, and if he should ever visit the Holy Land it would be for pleasure and travel and to see a land so famous as the chief birthplace of his heroic race.

It may be said that geographically speaking Palestine is too small to exert much influence as a political, intellectual or moral power among the nations of the earth. We reply that in ancient times Greece was a power, and that in modern times the little island of Britain is a power. Geographically speaking, what are they? It is intellect, moral force and pride of nationality that make nations great, and not extent of territory. It is intellect and moral power that will make Israel renowned among nations.—Jewish Messenger.