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"Who loved me, and gave himself for me."—
Gal. 2:10.
Three little sunbeams, gilding all I see:
Three little chords, each full of melody;
Three little leaves, balm for my agony.
HE loved me, the Father's only Son;
He gave himself, the precious spotless One;
He shed his blood, and thus the work was done.
He LOVED, not merely pitied, here I rest;
Sorrow may come—I to his heart am pressed;
What should I fear while sheltered on his breast!
Wonder of wonders, Jesus loved ME!
Wretched—lest—ruined—sunk in misery.
He sought me—found me—raised me—set me

My soul, the order of the words approves—
Christ FIRST, me LAST, nothing between but
Lord, keep me always down, thyself above!

Trusting in thee, not struggling restlessly,
So shall I daily gain the victory.
I—"yet not I"—but "Christ"—"WHO LOVED
ME." Selected.