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"Look at the time of Moses. Every morning, perhaps at 9 o'clock, a sermon was preached, (we may say an object-lesson was given), of which the text was The Lamb slain. And there might be twenty other offerings going on at the same time, and others continuing all day. In the evening the same sermon was preached from the same text. For we may regard the morning and evening sacrifice of the lamb as the same sermon daily repeated for 1500 years. I wonder what people would say if we gave the same sermon, the same heads, the same illustrations, year in and year out? We need not do exactly that, for there is abundant variety in the Bible; but the subject for our preaching is one that never changes—the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world; the Lamb in the midst of the throne."—Dr. A. A. Bonar.