[R635 : page 8]

"Another indication of the conscious weakness and apprehension of danger in the nominal church, is seen in the effort of the High Church section of the Established Church of England to ingratiate itself with the leading disciples of British Socialism—doubtless desiring to hold the guiding reins of what it astutely imagines to be the force of the future. To this end a series of meetings has been organized in London, under the auspices of the "English Church Union," for the purpose of public discussion and advocacy of what it terms "Christian Socialism." The term is misleading, for the only true Christian Socialism is that union of Christian Believers in love and good works, and natural help and sympathy, taught and enforced by the Word of God, upon the basis of union with Christ. This, however, is very different from what is meant by the two parties it seeks to bring into alliance."—Bible Standard.