[R684 : page 3]


When the stormy winds are blowing,
And the angry billows roll,
When the mighty waves of trouble
Surge around the stricken soul,
Have faith in God,
Who reigns above;
Trust in Him,
For He is love.

When the way is rough and thorny,
Danger all along the path,
When the foe is ever planning
How to crush you in his wrath,
Have faith in God;
His loving care
Shall keep you safe
From every snare.

When your eyes are dim with weeping,
And your heart is full of woe
For the loved that now are sleeping
In the cruel grave so low,
Have faith in God;
The dead shall rise
To meet the Saviour
By and by.

Are you filled with eager longing
For the night to pass away?
Are you weary of the watching
For the dawning of the day?
Have faith in God;
He is our stay;
Soon will come
The perfect day.

Are you hoping and rejoicing
In the presence of the Lord?
Are you waiting for the kingdom,
And the glorious reward?
Have faith in God;
Our King is here,
And soon his glory
Will appear.