[R706 : page 8]


As stated in our TERMS on first page, we send this paper free to all who cannot pay for it and apply to be entered on the LORD'S POOR LIST. Such should apply at the beginning of each year, that we may be assured of their continued interest.

Modesty is a Christian virtue, and while no true Christian gentleman or lady will rudely order us thus "Send me the paper," none on the other hand should feel that they are begging of the publisher in accepting this offer. They are merely accepting through us one of God's numberless blessings. If you appreciate the food found in the TOWER and cannot pay 50 cents a year, you must not be ashamed to receive it of the Lord gratis—this would indicate pride and such pride must sooner or later give way, if you ever receive the greater "gift of God—everlasting life—through Jesus Christ our Lord," who gave himself a ransom for all. Let us remember that it is all of God—His gift through whomsoever, or in whatever way, it is sent.