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New Orleans, La.

C. T. RUSSELL:—Dear Brother:—I am by birth a Norwegian. My prayers of late have been that the Lord would raise up some one in my Norway home to explain the Glad Tidings as it is in Jesus. To-day the thought has come to me to contrive to have the pamphlets "Food" and "Tabernacle," with October number of the TOWER, translated into that language. You see the interest your publications have found among the Swedes. Now, I believe that the Norwegians are a still more religiously inclined people than the Swedes in general. In short, I believe the truth would meet with a still better reception among them. You will probably question: "Do not the Swedish publications meet the demand of the Norwegians also?" I answer, "No; the two languages differ so much that the Swedish number of the TOWER is almost of no use to the Norwegians, and will hardly be read by any of them." There is also a little prejudice existing between the two nations. I pray God to open a way to have it published in Norwegian. The "Food" and the "Tabernacle" would, I know, be a great blessing to the saints in Norway.

I have an instrument for the work with me now, in the shape of a young man—a relative of mine—thoroughly versed in both English and Norwegian, and he would gladly undertake the task, if I could find the means to keep him with me long enough for the work. But, then again, comes the publication, which requires a great deal of money.

Submitting this thought to your kind consideration, I will make it a subject of prayer. If it is our Father's will, the means will be forthcoming.

My friends in Norway have been desiring me, for a long time, to come home. Would it not be a precious work to republish the WATCH TOWER in Norway, and distribute the Glad Tidings over there? Your brother in the hope,


[This and similar expressions of interest and effort remind us of the Macedonian cry, except that it comes now from all quarters, wherever a few of the saints have been led into the light—Come over into Norway, Sweden, Germany, and let us have the truth in our own tongue. As rapidly as opportunity and means offer, we shall heed the call.—ED.]

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Cumberland, Ind.

ED. WATCH TOWER, Dear Friend:

Many, many thanks for the November number of your paper; also for the back numbers of March and July. I am, indeed, deeply grateful that they ever came into my hands, and for your kindness in continuing to send them. Since reading them, the Bible has seemed a new book to me, and I might almost say I have found a new heaven and a new earth. Surely it betokens His presence when such glorious light is shed on His word. I am more and more amazed at the feast of knowledge. The grand truths displayed in their simplicity one after another, until I am compelled at times to stop reading, and think and ponder on it a little at a time; it is so wonderful, and one of the greatest of all wonders is that I—surely, if a saint—the least of all, should have been brought to this light. Blessing and honor, and glory and power, be unto His Holy Name! Amen, and Amen! And may you, the honored instruments of His royal bounty, receive the blessed reward promised to his faithful ones. I hope soon to send your subscription price—such a mite for so much. Oh, if I only possessed any of this worlds goods beyond the merest necessaries of life, how freely would I lend my aid in dispensing the glad tidings! But he knoweth best. Yours most gratefully, __________.