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To be humble is not to think meanly of one's self. Christ was humble; but he knew he was Lord and Master, and told his disciples so. To be humble is, knowing your character and abilities, to be willing to take a lower place, and perform a menial service. A private may know more than his superior officer; he is humble if, knowing that, he is willing to work faithfully under him.


[R786 : page 6]

THE world is preparing day by day for the Millennium, but you do not see it. Every season forms itself a year in advance. The coming summer lays out her work during the autumn, and buds and roots are fore-spoken. Ten million roots are pumping in the streets; do you hear them? Ten million buds are forming in the axils of the leaves; do you hear the sound of the saw or the hammer? All next summer is at work in the world; but it is unseen by us, and so the kingdom of God cometh not with observation.—Sel.