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Chicago, Ill., Oct. 24th, 1885.

DEAR FRIEND AND BROTHER: The WATCH TOWER came duly to hand in good time. I had business at Illinois, where I was detained one week trying a suit against a coal company that had undermined and taken my client's coal, amounting to three thousand tons, and while there I made it my business to make acquaintances and introduce the "Herald of Christ's presence," as shown in ZION'S WATCH TOWER." It was welcomed by some, and some it astonished. I was careful in distributing it, having taken notice of your remarks as to how distribution should be made, and I have every reason to hope that you will hear from that quarter sooner or later.

On my way out I attempted to distribute some among the passengers, and some few were glad to receive a TOWER; and when they got home and a little time to study its contents, I advised them to sit down and, with their Bible at their elbow, to prove every passage of Scripture it refers to, and if the Bible sustained the TOWER to accept it, but if not to reject it. But my efforts in this direction were soon interrupted by a News Man who politely informed me that I was interfering sadly with his business and requested me to discontinue my distributions, which I did, being careful to avoid anything like contention or trouble aboard the cars; notwithstanding, like Paul, being a free citizen, I knew the rights the law accorded me in such case. I landed at Lacon Saturday evening, and after tea I spoke in a private house and had a pleasant time reading, explaining the scriptures and answering questions. Sunday I was welcomed to the M.E. Church and spoke there at the Sunday School, and spoke somewhere every night I was there except one. One evening I spoke in the [R796 : page 1] Baptist Church. When I went in there was to appearance an indescribable coldness about the people, a want of vitality, mere matter of form. I spoke from Ephesians 1,4,7,9,13 and 14, and here it seemed as if the people had been waking out of a stupor in the short time I addressed them. Really it is true, the people are starving for the truth. I just wish I could have stayed there for a few months, but I could not on account of my court business here.

Yours in the Lord, __________.

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Senecaville, Ohio, Oct. 19, 1885.

DEAR BRO. RUSSELL:—It is one year today since I heard the "good tidings," and from the dreary ways of skepticism and indifference turned to God and found light, and rest and peace.

Though the year has been full of the things which long had brought care, and grief, and bitterness of heart, I have looked upon them as trifles compared with "the joy now set before me." I have found that "the gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation" from the besetments of the world, the flesh and the devil.

The doctrine, in accord with both reason and revelation, which I first heard proclaimed by Bro. Adamson, I have tried to present to others in the form of "Food" and the TOWER, in written letters, in conversation, and in public speaking, both indoors and on the streets.

"I love to tell the story—
It did so much for me."

Yet I fear I have not done enough though, I have seen a little fruit, I think, and some buds which promise fruit "in due time." And on this very anniversary of the "happy day that fixed my choice," comes the October "View from the TOWER," with its encouragement to us when we do not see the result of our labor.

In this year I have learned more about the word of God than in all my life before. He has "opened my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of his law." And what once seemed doubtful history, strange legends, and wonder stories that could not be accepted, has all become "Wonderful words of life." My daily prayer is: "O God, teach me thy will, and give me grace and strength to do it." Yours in the faith, __________.