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Word comes to us from the East, the West, and the South, of some who intend, if the Lord will, to be present and commemorate the Lord's Supper and death, with us here in Allegheny, on the anniversary, April 18th, 1886. We are glad of this—the more the better. We will endeavor to make ample arrangements, and hope the North also will be liberally represented. The friends here will entertain as many as possible, free of charge; for others we will make special terms at reasonable rates.

The meetings will commence Lord's Day, April 18th, when there will be a Thanksgiving service at 9 A.M.; preaching at 10:30 A.M.; (at 1:30 P.M. in German); and at 3 P.M. At 8 P.M. the Lord's Supper will be celebrated. Special meetings will be held during the evenings of that week, as will then be announced. It has been urged that at these meetings, among other topics, the Time Prophecies, and other proofs which show that we are now living in the period called "the harvest" of the Gospel Age, and that our Lord is now personally present, and the work of the new dispensation commenced, should be given special prominence. We believe that the importance of these truths, especially to those who are teaching in a public manner, can scarcely be overestimated. They are needful to give them confidence to speak with proper boldness and force of things which are now due to the household of faith; and we trust for grace sufficient to make these subjects very clear.

Again we urge so many as have the means to spare, to come; and especially those who are in some measure public teachers of the good tidings, or who have talents which they desire to thus utilize in the "harvest" work. Come; we will do each other good, and be revived, and reinvigorated for the work, "as iron sharpeneth iron." The Master will be with us according to promise, and our hearts shall burn within us as he opens the Scriptures to our understanding, solves our questions and resolves our doubts.

Come with your own heart overflowing with love for the Master and for his brethren and for his truth; and praying for a blessing upon yourself and each other, and "keep yourself in the love of God." Jude 20-25.

Send a Postal Card as soon as you have positively decided to come, that we may know whom to expect; and if possible, so arrange as to arrive here Saturday, April 17th before dark. On arrival come direct to our office, which is centrally located.

Do not expect a special invitation by letter; we are too busy. This is a SPECIAL INVITATION to every reader who can come.