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Upon the inside of this number you will find a copy of the Chart of the Ages, such as we once had mounted upon rollers, the supply of which has for some time been exhausted, preventing us from filling many applications received. We take this method of placing it in the hands of all our readers.

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We trust that it may have a two-fold effect: first, that you may be blessed by a fresh examination of the chart and its lessons, as expressed in the explanation furnished in the pamphlet "FOOD" page 105. (Every reader is welcome to a copy of "FOOD" free.) Secondly, we hope that being quickened and refreshed by a clear view of our Father's plan, you may be stimulated as well as enabled, to explain the plan to others, illustrating it by the chart. Thus, no matter how simply you tell it, you can preach the "good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people." The chart will not only interest and hold the attention of your thoughtful neighbor, but will make the truth the more easy of comprehension. Thus many can let their light so shine as to honor their Heavenly Father, as well as to bless and refresh their neighbors and friends.