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Hereafter it will not be sufficient, that one write us to send them the TOWER another year, without mentioning money or their intent to pay at some time, or their inability to pay. Say, what you mean.

Neither will it be sufficient that some one write and send us an address without money, saying that the party is poor. We do not offer to send the TOWER to all the poor of the world. To the poor who are the Lord's children, and as such are sufficiently interested in the truths published in the TOWER to write us, and say so, and request it—to these only we offer it each year, so long as it is published.

Let such not be backward to ask; we are anxious that such should have it. Accept it as from the Lord—it is from him. Not only are the truths it bears from his Word, unfolded to us by his favor, but the money with which it is published is all consecrated to Him. Hence those who have no money to pay for it, can and should accept it from Him, as per the notice above from Isa. 55:1,2.

Should you learn of any who have asked as above, or who have subscribed and paid for the present year, who do not receive the paper, advise them to write us again, for there surely is some mistake, which we will be most glad to have rectified. Almost every mail brings some letters either without the writers name, or with insufficient address.