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LET HIM that hath two papers loan one unto them that have none. And as this number is specially suited to new readers, order as many copies as you can use to advantage—free.


WE commend to every earnest reader desirous of spreading the truth, the plan set forth in last month's "VIEW FROM THE TOWER." Many have acted on it. One brother sold 59 copies of the paper bound DAWN, in part of one week, after the price was reduced. The book sells itself best. Do little talking about it. The Table of Contents and the book itself will do it better. Expect that every intelligent Christian should want the book and talk and act in harmony with that conviction, and your success will be accordingly. We feel sure now of selling the 50,000 proposed, and if the TRACT SOCIETY'S funds will justify, we will certainly try to make it eighty or one hundred thousand.