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Zealous Brethren and Sisters in every direction are seizing opportunities and devising plans for the work outlined in the "View" of MAY TOWER. One Sister here, went forth filled with zeal and encouraged by Bro. Adamson's success, and her first day's labor was very successful: She took thirty-one orders for the paper bound DAWN. Others, in various quarters, have varying success, proportionate generally to their strictness in following the plans suggested in the May View. We suggest that all who are out at work would do well to read, yes, study that advice carefully and try it.

While many can use the Contents Circulars to good advantage, the majority of those who are meeting with the greatest success, find it best not to leave a circular and call later, but to take a couple of clean circulars in their hand (along with the sample books, a blank memorandum book and a pencil). Introduce yourself as The Representative of that wonderful book, which is making such a stir everywhere. Hand the lady or gentleman of the house one of the circulars, and pointing to the [R940 : page 1] pink slip on it ask them to read it, (or read it to them,) saying that it will introduce you and your business most quickly. Then proceed to talk of the book—its character as a faithful Bible exponent and antidote to Infidelity—its rapid sale—the absolute necessity that all should possess the very knowledge this book affords, in order to be released from present skepticism, or protected from its baneful influence in days to come, when it will become even more wide-spread and popular than now, catching specially the young minds, the rising generation.

You should, first of all, see for yourself that the book does this. Note the first three chapters, how they in simple language which the humblest may understand point out the fact of a great Creator and the proofs that the Bible is his revelation of himself and his plans.

This done, what could be more convincing to the Bible student, (whether he be full of trust, or full of doubts, concerning its inspiration) than the harmonious presentation of the great fundamental teachings of the Bible which chapters IV. and onward present. Other books attack infidelity and fight it vigorously, yet leave the stumbling stones which caused the infidelity unremoved. This book does its work in an opposite manner and with much greater success. It simply disarms infidelity by showing that though men have stumbled, it has been over misconceptions of God's plan, and that the Bible reveals a plan of God now in progress which SATISFIES REASON and harmonizes known facts, as nothing else would do. This is therefore the best antidote for infidelity known to us, and we ask, whether you know of a better.

And this is the line of argument to use in canvassing, because though few would confess it, nearly all nominal Christian people nurse their skeptical thoughts in secret, and really long for the firm foundation for faith and trust which an appreciation of the ransom and its results, Restitution, etc., alone can give.

Bro. Adamson still continues to lead all others, though some are following his method and success closely. Brothers Van der Ahe, Cain, Grable, Hughes, and Sisters Raynor and Vogel and others are doing remarkably well, and we trust that before next month many others will be doing as much or more.

We have been unable to fill orders very promptly of late, because our bindery could turn out only about 300 copies per day; but now this is bettered, so that we can supply 600 to 700 per day and increase it. So let the orders come, and let the glad tidings spread, and let the people be fed, to the praise of our Head—Amen.