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While many brethren and sisters are taking hold of the work and pushing DAWN, VOL. I., grandly, none should get the impression that the field is so full of reapers and that their service is not needed. Our Father has so arranged the work, now as in every time, that there not only is need for every member of the "body" to be active in the service, for his own development, but also that there shall be a real need for the labor and sacrifice of each consecrated priest.—1 Pet. 2:9.

As a matter of fact, if five thousand of our readers could and would use their time entirely in the work, it would require quite a long time to thoroughly introduce DAWN to God's children in every town and city of this land. The present number of laborers, with all their zeal, would not exhaust the field in ten years. One city like New York, Philadelphia, or Brooklyn, would furnish busy work for ten canvassers for nearly a year, and other large cities proportionately. God leaves us without this excuse. We cannot say, that we saw no necessity for our labor, and knew of no way to render it. It will then be simply a matter of whether we loved his truth and our fellows so as to be willing, nay, glad to accept his offer of being his ambassadors, and to leave some of the nets of business ambition and the boats of present worldly custom. We do not mean to say that all can or ought to engage in this crusade—some cannot—ought not, and must do what they can otherwise: but surely many more have this opportunity than have yet improved it.

Neither do we urge any to leave sure situations for an untried work, especially if they have dependent families: such can get "a day off" and take a sample and make a trial to see how many orders they can get, following closely as possible the instructions in "View" of May TOWER. Others, out of employment, can surely find in this the grandest opening, and may afterward thank God that absence of other work forced them into the ministry (service) of God and his church.

Do not think that you need a lot of books before you begin. You need only a sample of cloth and paper bindings. Order when you know pretty surely how many you can use.