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We are glad to announce to you that the German translation of Millennial Dawn Vol. I. is complete. It will be on the press shortly, and the first edition of 1000 copies, cloth bound, will be ready for mailing very soon. Orders may now be sent in; they will be served in order as received.

As the German language requires more words than the English to express the thoughts, this volume will contain over 400 pages. The price will be one dollar. We cannot promise a paper covered 50 ct. edition at present, as there will probably not be a sufficient interest to justify it. It is only by getting out large editions that paper bound books can be made to pay expenses.

We are confident the translation is excellent: it is the work of Bro. Zech, a German by birth, whose education in the language, as well as his growth in the knowledge of the truth, the spirit of which he seems to have drunk into deeply, has well qualified him for the work. We are confident, therefore, that his work is so complete that the German reader can catch the spirit and intent of "The Plan of the Ages." For this blessing to our German brethren, we on their behalf thank God especially, and secondarily we thank Bro. Zech, who in this work has been God's honored instrument.

To the interested readers of the TOWER, let us say: The work is in your hands now; now is your opportunity to engage in the service of the truth and in the service of your fellow-Germans. God made the plan and revealed it in His Word, and is therefore the real Author of the "Plan of the Ages;" the writer of it endeavored to do his part as best he could in the English language, and now Bro. Zech as translator has spent precious months of labor in preparing it for you in German. Now it is your turn to spend your consecrated time and talent in using this which is thus by others made ready for your use. How many of you will prove faithful to so great privileges as are here laid before you? How much sleep will you lose in trying to put the plan into the hands, heads and hearts of others? Probably few of you will lose as much sleep as we are sure Bro. Zech lost in his part of the work. How many will feel it a pleasure to deny themselves some comforts and pleasures, earthly, in order to carry to others the comforts and pleasures mental and heavenly, which a knowledge of God's plan only can give?

The TOWER Publishing Co. promises that as soon as the brethren and sisters shall order 2000 copies of paper bound 50 ct. Dawn in German (or send pledges that they will order as soon as the books are announced as ready) they will get out an edition of 10,000 copies. Now dear friends use your privileges and opportunities faithfully, so that the Master at the reckoning may say, "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joys of thy Lord."