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You will be pleased to learn that the seventieth thousand is now in the binder's hands. The sixty thousand already in circulation are nearly all out as the result of personal efforts on the part of those who love the truth and delight to serve it. The influence of many is exerted to hinder and oppose the book, and is sufficient to keep it out of book stores generally. As always, such are "grieved that we teach the people." Thus, and in every conceivable way, professed servants of truth oppose and hinder its spread and endeavor to keep the truth hungry of the flock from the green pastures, from the "meat in due season." But praise God, it is shining more and more; and every consecrated one who sees the light lets it shine as the Chief-Shepherd instructed. Each seems to realize himself a minister (servant) of the truth, and each looks up his Christian friends, writes to them, and sends them DAWN and TOWERS. And thus God is having the truth, the "good tidings," preached to every "Israelite indeed in whom is no guile," notwithstanding the opposition of the clergy, who, from their office and profession, should be the very ones to sound the Jubilee trump to our dear brethren and sisters. God's blessing is with you; greater is he that is on our side than all that be against us. The Chief Reaper in this harvest is with us, and every true grain of wheat will soon be separated from the chaff and tares—then all the faithful shall shine forth as the Sun in the Kingdom of our Father (Matt. 13:43), and the great work of blessing and healing and enlightening the world will begin. That will be our glorious triumph, for which we can well afford to wait and to endure hardness now as good soldiers. It will consist in blessing and informing many who now oppose us and the truth.