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In the course of conversation with the Rev. W. C. Van Meter, who is now on a visit to this country, in a brief interval of his mission work in Italy, he informed us that he had been enabled to print a large number of copies of the Gospel according to John in Italian for use in the Sunday Schools of Rome. The children there are following the International Course, the subjects of which just now are in that gospel. A singular coincidence, which shows the changes which God has worked, is that the gospel was actually printed in the room formerly used as the torture-chamber of the Inquisition. The printer who had undertaken the work was obliged to leave his former business premises, and looking around for a new location, selected rooms in an ancient edifice that appeared suitable. There he set up his presses and compositors' cases. A strange-looking iron ring in the ceiling arrested his attention, and on making inquiries about it he learned that he was actually in the old Inquisition, and that the room he occupied had served as a torture-chamber. There within the walls that have resounded with the cries of men and women suffering for conscience' sake, he set up and printed the gospel of John.—Dawn of Morning.