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The editor of a Missouri newspaper received and read Millennial Dawn Vol. I., and then published in his journal a reprint of the "Arp Tract" with the following additional comment:—

"I could add many words to the above, and have attempted to write them, but none satisfy me because the effect of "Millennial Dawn" upon my inner nature is beyond words. I have read, and have found that light which for years I had been reaching out after. No longer are the "gates ajar" but the "portals are wide open." Professing Christians of any denomination will receive it almost in the light of a "new revelation," and yet 'tis nothing but the "same old truth" made plain. Honest skeptics and so-called infidels will treat it with respect, and as their minds become illuminated with new light they will "Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow." I feel it my duty to become a medium for its distribution among all classes and if the "Home Seeker and Farmer" has no other mission than to put it into the hands of but one seeker after truth, whose soul has been narrowed by the Orthodoxy of generations, I shall feel that it has not been in vain."