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Look up your memorandum; see whether your subscription is expired. Did you renew it for the present year?

It is past our usual time for revising our list and striking off the names of all who have not renewed their subscription for the present year. We must do so now. None need expect the next issue, except those who have renewed in one of the three following ways;—

1st, By paying the amount due in advance; or

2nd, By sending a card or letter, saying—"Please renew my subscription for the TOWER for the present year. I cannot conveniently send the money at present, but will do so as soon as possible—I hope during the year;" or

3d, By sending a card or letter to the TOWER TRACT SOCIETY, saying, "I am so circumstanced that I cannot pay for the WATCH TOWER for the present year—(aged, invalid or whatever)—Yet I am deeply interested in its teachings, and desire that my subscription shall be paid for out of the Tract fund, as one of the Lord's poor."

This arrangement complies with both the letter and spirit of the Postal Law, yet provides amply for all the truth-hungry; for none are so poor as to be unable to purchase a postal card. And all such orders, without money, are as promptly and carefully attended to, as those which contain money. If you need to avail yourself of this arrangement for the Lord's poor, do not let a false pride hinder you. Consider that it is of the Lord and not of us, though through us, that the favor comes. It is because we partake of his spirit that we take pleasure in distributing the truth to you, regardless of your ability to share in the cost of the service. Be free then, to accept of our offer. We well know that all of the saints would rather, far, contribute to the Tract Fund than receive from it—hence we urge you thus to partake of the bounties of our Master's table, if you have a relish for the food there supplied.