[R1115 : page 3]


No Christian is or can be faultless before the Lord. Blameless, all may and ought to be. The child that does its needlework faithfully is commended, though not a stitch is perfect. The child [R1115 : page 4] is blameless, but the work is not faultless. The Christian who lives up to his light and ability is blameless, but in God's sight faulty. He is not always conscious of his defects, his eyes are not as sharp as God's; his best efforts are like the needlework of the little girl, well done for her, but so defective in fact that every stitch must be removed and done again by a more skillful and experienced hand. Saints sometimes judge themselves perfect because they are not conscious of sin. They may be innocent, but surely not perfect. With more light and culture they would discern defects. Others of more experience observe them now, but they see them not, because not sufficiently educated or advanced in wisdom. Jesus keeps his trusting sheep blameless, and step by step leads them up to higher culture, richer wisdom, purer tastes, until finally he gives them his likeness in glory.—Selected.