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Although Protestant Churches have been engaged in the Punjab with constantly increasing numbers and efficiency ever since Dr. J. C. Lowry entered the field in 1832, the Romanists had until this year left the territory uninvaded in so far as work amongst the Hindus and Mussulmans is concerned. But in these latter days a golden opportunity seems to have been descried in the turning of the masses to Christ—the result of long years of patient, prayerful effort on the part of Protestant Christendom.

Sialkote has been fixed upon as a centre. Priests—I know not how many—have begun the visitation of the Christians in the outlying villages, and do not scruple to employ most questionable means to win the people and induce them to enter the fold of Rome. Money, it is said, is being freely used, and no less than six hundred perverts from Protestantism to Romanism have been made. It is true that the Protestant missionaries may take comfort from the reflection that those who have gone from them are the tares which were choking the wheat; nevertheless they cannot but realize that they have a new enemy to fight and that troublous times are before them. The Catholics make no pretense of preaching the gospel to the non-Christian population, but unblushingly avow as their policy the proselytizing of those who have been brought to a knowledge of the truth through the efforts of Protestants.—Presbyterian Banner.