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THE APRIL TOWER will contain articles in reply to certain questions on (1) the genuineness of the first clause of Rev. 20:5, and (2) "Then Cometh the End"—the period of Christ's reign referred to in 1 Cor. 15:24-28; and (3) the period of Israel's favor of which the Gospel age is the parallel or "double."


SOME SEEM to fear to accept our offer to send the TOWER free of charge to those of the Lord's people who will write stating their inability to pay, whether they promise payment in the future or not. To such we can say little more than we have already said, and say continually at the head of this column, except this:

If the Lord has so circumstanced you that you are too poor to pay for the TOWER you ought not to be too proud to say so; and the sooner you get rid of the false pride the better it will be for your own heart. In accepting our offer you are accepting the Lord's grace—through those whom he has made stewards of his truth and the means to publish it. Our terms are such as he has arranged—"Ask, and ye shall receive."

But do not send the addresses of others than yourselves unless it be for those who cannot write for themselves or of those to whom you desire us to send sample copies. Each who can must write for himself, just as God requires each to pray for himself.

Order all the sample TOWERS you can use judiciously, FREE. The January number is a good one for many.