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As some parts of a wheat field are ripe at one time and some at another, so with the field in which the Lord's children are scattered: one part sometimes appears to be more fully ready for the sickle than another. And we can safely trust the Lord of the Harvest to direct the reapers in the several parts of the field.

While I have been in Canada but a short time, it has been my privilege to see an excellent interest awakened and the harvest work well started here. The Master has some "faithful servants" here who are seeking to walk in the light that shineth more and more. There are over 5,000 DAWNS out in Ontario now, and the work is only well begun. Bro. Utley, Bro. Zink of Manitoba and Bro. G. F. Rogers and myself have been working in and near Toronto for the past few weeks. After getting out about 2,000 DAWNS in this city and awakening many to a study of God's great plan as now opened up to us, we decided to ask Bro. Russell to come here to speak. And though over-crowded with work at home, he kindly consented to speak here on the 22nd of February.

The first meeting was appointed for 10:30 A.M. Subject:—"The Times of Restitution of All Things." When he arrived there were over four hundred gathered to learn more of these times, concerning "which God hath spoken through the mouth of all his holy prophets." Most of those present of course belong to the city, but some came 50, 60, 70, 100, and one Bro. came over 200 miles; and those who were hungry indeed had a feast. At the first meeting Bro. Russell spoke over two hours, reasoning from the Scriptures on the deliverance of the groaning creation from the bondage in which it has so long been held. Some who have been used to husks could scarcely contain their joy when being fed on the oil and wine and strong meat of the Word. About 1 o'clock the meeting adjourned for dinner. The second meeting was appointed for 3 P.M., and at that time there were about seven hundred gathered to hear Bro. Russell speak of "God's Kingdom." After speaking about two hours on this interesting theme, permission was given to any who desired to retire. But the majority remained to hear [R1294 : page 47] clear and logical views on the manner and object of the setting up of the Lord's Kingdom. All present seemed delighted with the truth brought to light, and longed for more. Some of those present expressed their intention to attend the Anniversary meeting at Allegheny.

In the evening, from 7 to 8.30 P.M., Bro. Russell addressed Brother Brookman's congregation in the other end of the city at their usual place of meeting (Jackson Hall, Cor. Yonge and Blood streets), returning before 9 o'clock to the place of the day meetings to take part in a Questioner's Meeting, which followed an address by myself on the "Plan of the Ages," and which did not conclude until after 10 o'clock. The evening meetings, like the others, proved very interesting, and we trust were very helpful to all present.

There is another side of the work to look at briefly. While the harvest work is thus progressing, and the wheat is being gathered, we cannot expect that the tares will all be gathered into bundles for burning without some resistance, and so we are not surprised to find some gnashing of teeth and gnawing of tongues. And this will no doubt be seen more and more as the servants of the Master are the more faithful and enterprising in proclaiming the message of present truth. The "hirelings" say: It is all right for you to hold these views but you should not go about telling them to others. The Good Shepherd says: "Feed my sheep." And the more we feed the sheep so much the more will the false shepherds complain. In Canada, as well as elsewhere, some of the would-be shepherds are speaking all manner of evil things against the messengers of the truth. They do not understand us a bit better than the Jews understood our Lord and his little band of disciples. Light hath no concord with darkness. At least two nominal ministers in Ontario have publicly burned the MILLENNIAL DAWN, and heaped all kinds of reproach on the author and those who are circulating this peculiar book. But is not this a fulfilment of our Master's words: "If they have persecuted me they will also persecute you"? The "furnace" of trouble for the tares is getting well heated, and soon shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father.

Toronto, Feb. 25th, 1891. S. D. ROGERS.