[R1374 : page 68]



In answer to queries on the subject, we reply: We have not yet received a reply to the letters to Barons Rothschild and Hirsch, proposing a plan for the organization of Palestine as a nation. It appears, however, from the clipping below, that one of the gentlemen is already acting on a part of the suggestions offered. It reads as follows:—

"Jewish exiles from Russia and Poland are really to have a home in Palestine after all. Through Baron Edmond de Rothschild a tract of land forty miles east of Lake Tiberias, and said to be extremely fertile, has been bought. No families will be sent until some young men, who are to go as pioneers, have made the country habitable."—Milwaukee Sentinel.


A wise man gets happiness from what he is rather than from what he has. What he is remains. What he has—who will insure that? "Therefore, with all thy getting, get understanding."—Sel.