[R1533 : page 160]




DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL (for by that endearing name I feel permitted to call you):—I received your esteemed reply to mine of recent date, also the TOWER containing article on "The Holy Spirit," for which I desire to thank you fervently. For me it is "Confirmation strong, as proofs of Holy Writ." God grant that the truth may spread yet more widely.

I desire to express, through you, my heartfelt thanks to the young colporteur from whom I bought the DAWNS some six months ago. I saw him only for a few moments, and have not seen him since. He was trying to sell DAWNS at the house at which I had to call to collect a bill. I saw a package of books on the stoop, and I picked one up. The title was enough to attract me. I told him I had been, and was still, deeply interested in the subject, being a believer in the dear Lord's immediate coming, and my daily prayer being, "Thy kingdom come." He told me that, if I read the DAWNS, I would get the light I sought on the subject. May the dear Lord bless the young man wherever he now is. He was the direct means of bringing much light and knowledge and consequent joy and peace to my life.

I am not rich in this world's goods, but I have bread and to spare; and I think the benefit I have derived from the perusal of your article on "The Holy Spirit" demands a thank-offering: so I enclose $1.00 for that purpose.

Yours, stronger in the faith, and still hungering for the truth as it is in Jesus,




MY DEAR FRIENDS:—After much delay (which is not the result of carelessness) I acknowledge the receipt of the sample lot of Booklets, and also three copies of ZION'S WATCH TOWER which came in due succession, beginning with March 1st, and for which I tender my hearty thanks. You will remember that I expressed my intention to try the business of selling the Booklets; and on receipt of samples I spent an afternoon canvassing and secured orders for about two dozen. Meanwhile I loaned some of the Booklets, and they were circulated from house to house. Some of the people seemed so awe-stricken at the strange doctrine of a future probation, and others so unwilling to support any theory that questioned the doctrine of "eternal torment," that I decided to prepare myself, if possible, to give explanations and to meet their arguments. So I applied myself diligently to the study of The Plan of the Ages, which has been to me a source of great delight. Notwithstanding the doctrine is entirely new to me, and quite contrary, in many respects, to what I thought was my fixed opinion, it [R1534 : page 160] appears, from an increase of knowledge through the study of The Plan of the Ages, that the subject is worthy of serious consideration.

If the plan of salvation is broad and liberal enough to grant a full opportunity beyond the grave, to come to a knowledge of the truth and be saved, to all who could not or did not have such knowledge and opportunity in this life, why should any one find fault? And if it is found that those—

"Tempests of angry fire, that roll
To blast the rebel worm
And beat upon the naked soul
In one eternal storm,"

are, after all, only imaginary, why should not all the living rejoice that so many billions of our race are delivered from a fate worse than death, and that God is truly a God of love? [Why indeed?]

I enclose twenty-five cents to pay for Vol. I., and I desire the succeeding volumes, as I am a humble seeker after the truth, and never expect to get too wise to be taught. I want not only your books, but your prayers—that I may understand them, and be enlightened and blessed by their teachings.

Yours in sincerity, D. M. STANSELL.



DEAR BROTHER IN CHRIST:—It is impossible to express my gratitude for the pleasure and happiness your explanation of God's Holy Book has given me. I believe every word of it. It fills a vacancy I have always felt, since first I tried to serve God, and it draws me nearer to him.

I recently loaned Vol. I to a retired Congregational minister. He returned it in a few days, saying that he believed every word of it. I asked him why the ministers do not acknowledge the errors they are preaching. He replied that they are tied up.

I read my Bible more than ever, and I love it more, because I understand it better. Please remember me in your prayers.

Gratefully, yours in the Lord,