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AS already announced, it is purposed to have a Convention at Chicago, this Summer, of those deeply interested in the truths of God's Word as presented in ZION'S WATCH TOWER and MILLENNIAL DAWN. The time fixed upon as most suitable is August 20th to 24th, inclusive, the last day to be specially devoted to the interests of the Colporteur work;—arranging [R1556 : page 217] for future fields of service, and instructing the less successful and beginners as to methods, etc.

The main object of the gathering is to permit as large a number as possible to enjoy a spiritual feast of personal communion—one with the other, and all with the Lord, who serves the feast, and who for some years past has been so richly fulfilling his promise to his people in this respect. (Luke 12:37.) A secondary object will be to meet and encourage and instruct in the work colporteurs and intending colporteurs. Opportunity will also be afforded for symbolizing (in water) baptism into Christ's death. Many find no proper means of thus following the Lord's command in this (see our last issue) without disobeying his counsel by joining some sectarian system of men. Arrangements will be made and robes provided for serving such who may attend the meetings.

The date fixed is in view of the fact that the lowest Railroad Excursion Rates may be expected about that time. We are not asking or expecting special rates, but believe that by that time general competition will have brought fares down to about one half the present rates, or one fourth the usual rates. Such terms will prevail very generally, we believe; but if no cheaper rates are granted than at present, it will be much cheaper than usual, and afford an opportunity for many to attend whom we could not other wise hope to meet in the flesh.

As the opening day will be Sunday, it will have three meetings or practically be an all-day meeting, commencing at 10 A.M. Subsequent sessions will also open at 10 A.M., and close about 3 P.M., with an hour's intermission for dinner. This arrangement will not over-weary with sitting and thinking those of the truth-hungry who are in ordinary health, and it will afford an excellent opportunity, from 3 P.M. to 9 P.M. each day, for those who desire to learn, from visits to the Columbian Exposition, some very valuable lessons on the progress of our times—on the evidences that we are in "the day of his [God's] preparation," in which arrangements are being perfected for the great work of blessing and lifting up again the fallen race to opportunities for life everlasting by their great Redeemer. The rest of the meetings, and the knowledge of the divine plan, will thus prepare for an appreciation of the greatest exhibit the world has ever seen; and the exercise of mind and body in studying the wonders of the exhibit will but refresh and quicken mind and heart for communion with God and study of his great Plan of the Ages, of which the cross of Christ is the center.

We well know that the item of expense will be a particular one to almost all of the "household" (for not many rich or great hath God chosen, but the poor of this world, rich in faith, to be heirs of the Kingdom). Hence we must make arrangements which will be economical. We have not as yet concluded any arrangements; but can promise the following very reasonable terms, viz.:—

A comfortable bed and three substantial meals for One Dollar per day for each person. Those who desire to visit the Exposition should count on about One Dollar per day extra, for car-fare and entrance fee.


All MILLENNIAL DAWN and WATCH TOWER readers, who are trusting in our Lord Jesus as their Redeemer—their corresponding price, their substitute—and especially all such who are fully consecrated, body, soul and spirit, to the Redeemer's service, are cordially invited to come.

Any such who anticipate being able to attend are requested to send us their full names and addresses at once, stating the facts. After arrangements have been fully perfected, particular directions will be mailed to such as thus apply;—for something may yet make a change of date necessary: but notice will be sent in good season for you to reach the lodgings on the day preceding the Convention.

Colporteurs (and all who think of becoming colporteurs) are specially urged to attend this convention, as valuable instructions respecting the best methods of work will be given, which we trust will more than double the results with many. Bring with you full data respecting routes and towns already worked, as changes of routes, etc., may be necessary.