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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—For many years I have been familiar with your name and with the title, MILLENNIAL DAWN, and have occasionally met those who have accepted your views of Bible interpretation; but I have never been inclined to look into the teachings you put forth until about a month ago, when some ladies, who were at one time members of a church (undenominational) over which I was pastor, became interested in Brother West's teachings, and wrote to me desiring to know whether I had read MILLENNIAL DAWN, and what I thought of the same, finally sending me VOL. I. I took it up to read, that I might know under what influence my friends had fallen. I became so much interested that I have spent all my spare time (often until midnight) reading, with my different translations of the Bible before me, comparing each of your references with the Book, etc. I have now finished VOL. III., and wish to express to you my appreciation of the truth you have brought to light. While I do not see eye to eye with you in every minute detail, I can sincerely say that I have never before seen the beauty and harmony of the Word brought out in such clear and satisfying order. Many of the thoughts you bring out have been shown me by the Spirit; but what I most appreciate in your book is the clear and orderly arrangement of those things of which I have had glimpses.

Two great truths which you bring out are—in the way you handle them—entirely new to me; viz., First, Restitution in the Millennial age. I have clearly seen that "old School" teachings limited the ransom of Jesus Christ, but never until now have I seen restitution presented in what seemed to me a Scriptural and logical manner. I am filled with great joy, as I now contemplate this precious truth. God's plan is certainly much larger than theology (?).

The second great truth greatly surprises me: that Christ has come is a most astonishing statement. I cannot yet fully take it in. For years I have fully believed, taught and preached his coming in person; but I have always thought it would be in the flesh; although I have believed that only the Bride would know. But now I admit the truth you advance: that his coming must be as a Spirit being. Is not that included in the divine order—first the natural, then the spiritual? My earnest cry has been, "Behold, the Bridegroom cometh!" I believed the time had come for that cry. Is it possible that, instead of that, I am to cry, "Behold the Bridegroom?" I am seeking [R1631 : page 79] light on this one point; for surely, if that be true, there is no time for God's messengers to tarry in the harvest work.

Well, Brother, I thank God for all the truth he has given you to give out to us. I have been preaching the gospel to the best [R1631 : page 80] of my light for seventeen years (I am now almost an old man). For the past year I have not been in active gospel work; but, singularly, just as I have been brought to read your writings, I am asked to go forth again to give out the Word of God. For years I have been out of "Babylon," and of necessity my work must be among the humble and poor, and those who are hungry for the Word. I go where he calls. During the past ten years I have built two chapels and gathered two congregations; but now it seems to me there is time only to call out—not to build and gather. May he, the Lord of the Harvest, guide me, is my earnest prayer.

May God bless thee, and use thee more and more to give out the truth.

Yours in the Christ, JOS. C. YOUNG.


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MY DEAR SIR:—Two months ago, at a small hotel in a small town of this State, I came across the third volume of your MILLENNIAL DAWN. I did not have time to read it, but was so much interested that I sent for the three volumes. I have just completed the third volume: it has been to me like a shower in a desert. I am thirsty and hungering for more.

For ten years, while living on a homestead, I read my Bible in the Orthodox way, and prayed to and trusted in God; yet something kept me out of the denominations. I was not satisfied to subscribe to any creed. On coming to the city, I resolved to unite with some church and Sunday School, and become an active worker; but, after visiting all of the Protestant denominations, I found so much unchristlike behavior, that I could not join any of them. The past year I have awakened from the indifference into which I had settled, and have been in a small way trying to get at the truth; and now I feel as if I wanted to engage in some way in this harvest work. Please send me all the information you can. J. HAWLEY.


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MY DEAR SIR:—I have read with pleasure and delight the first volume of MILLENNIAL DAWN, and would say, it just suits me. These sublime truths are in perfect accord with my conception of the word of the Lord, and thrill my whole being. It fills my soul, puts wings on my feet and energizes every power of my being, as I contemplate the coming glory of the Millennial morning!

I am a local preacher in the M.E. Church, and you can imagine how much I am at home there. For more than twenty years I have been engaged in the temperance work as a lecturer, and have many opportunities of presenting my opinions on these subjects. From childhood I have hated the Romish church (as a system), and I equally abominate the popery of Protestantism. Indeed, our Protestant churches (it seems to me) are rapidly counter-marching Rome-ward. I long for kindred spirits: those who "keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus."

Your Plan of the Ages has solved one dark problem: the heathen world. Your teaching on this subject seems in perfect accord with the Scriptures, and I share with you the joy of such a revelation of the divine Word.

These lines, my brother, are not hastily written, for I have read your Plan of the Ages three times during the last four months. I can see the hand of God in the work in which you are engaged. Ever praying for your success in proclaiming the coming Kingdom of our ascended Lord, I remain, Yours in "the faith once delivered to the saints." RICHARD GROGAN.


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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I thank our Father that he, through the instrumentality of his children, ever opened my eyes to the wonderful Plan of the Ages contained in the Scriptures of truth, and unlocked to me by MILLENNIAL DAWN. My aged mother and myself have been for years students of the Word, and lovers of the Lord's appearing, and our minds were prepared to receive the fuller light which the DAWNS shed forth. The Word becomes more and more a source of light and delight; and, as we see more deeply into that wonderful plan, we are amazed at the infinite love, wisdom, power and justice of our God; and yet, we ask, why this amazement? For it is just like God. The trouble was, we have been worshiping something that was not God. May God help each one of his children to be diligent in making the truth and his true character.

If you have any extra copies of TOWER, January 15, I wish you would send one-half dozen, for I wish to send the sermon, "The Future—Social and Religious," to several of my friends. I think it will help to awaken them and to see for themselves that the morning dawns.

Yours, earnestly watching for the morning,