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THE Editor receives frequent urgent requests to visit various little groups and preach, especially for the benefit of outsiders who might be awakened. We are obliged to decline these invitations—for the present at least—believing that the general work of the TOWER office which demands our attention is still more important, because it is for a larger number. Besides, it is a part of your work and privilege to tell the glad tidings wisely and lovingly to your fellow Christians and neighbors who have not yet learned the present truth. Love for them and for the truth and of the Lord's approval should take you into Y.M.C.A. Meetings, Class Meetings and Prayer Meetings regularly to scatter the truth by word or by printed page, or as best you can—but always wisely and lovingly, so as not to stumble and offend, but to bless.

But realizing that you may need help in preparation for such work of ministry, we have arranged lately to have several brethren travel, some giving a part, and some all of their time in visiting you for the purpose of building you up in the truth and in its spirit.

We have sought to choose for this work brethren of (1) unexceptional character, polished with the truth; (2) of meekness—that they might not be puffed up and thus be injured themselves, while seeking to help you; (3) of clear conception of the Lord's great plan and fully imbued with its spirit; (4) of ability to impart the truth to others in its own power [R1702 : page 288] and simplicity (not necessarily orators); (5) of known fidelity to the ransom; (6) of humble mind who seek not to preach themselves, but Christ—not to air their own knowledge, but his Word in its simplicity and power; (7) students of the Word, of cultivated thought, well founded and settled;—not wondering novices—not teachers of speculations and fancies, nor of Anglo-Israelism, Socialism, Politics, astronomical theories, etc., but (8) teachers of the One Lord, One Faith and One Baptism—the one gospel authorized by and based upon the one sacrifice, given once for all.

If any of these Brethren come your way they will introduce themselves by showing a printed and signed Certificate from the Watch Tower Tract Society (renewed yearly); whereupon we are sure they will be granted the leadership of the meetings. Nevertheless prove all things they may say by the only infallible authority—the Word of God. Should you deem their teachings in conflict with the Word in any particular, the differences should be promptly and clearly stated in a letter to the WATCH TOWER. The question would receive attention either by letter or, if of general interest, would be treated in the TOWER.

Some of these Brethren are so situated as to be able to give fragments of their time to this work, and that free of expense to the Tract Fund; others will receive some assistance; and still others, giving all of their time, will be wholly at the expense of the Tract Fund;—a portion of your "Good Hopes" donations to the Tract Fund being thus used for the benefit of yourself and others. We desire to divest the truth of all subserviency to money and begging—often so injurious to such work. And consequently let it be understood from the first that collections or other solicitations of money are neither authorized nor approved by this Society.

This branch of the work is only an experiment and we shall watch for results and for the Lord's further leading. While you and the Colporteurs and the O.T. Tracts and the Dawns are arousing attention and interest, and the TOWER and you are strengthening and upbuilding the "body," this new feature should further assist in the same great work;—the Bride making herself ready for joint-heirship with the Bridegroom.—Rev. 19:7.

Of course all cannot be visited; and it is purposed that for the present it will be unwise to stop at any place having less than five TOWER subscribers; for we esteem that any one at all interested in present truth will want the TOWER; as its terms make it possible for all to be on our list.