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DEAR FRIENDS:—Coming out of a gospel meeting, a copy of your publication, entitled "Do You Know?" was handed to me. I have read it eagerly, and fully realize the facts revealed therein to be the real truth, and of the utmost importance for every Christian to know.

In the last paragraph of the above mentioned publication I have noticed your kind solicitude for the poor in spirit and for the hungry after righteousness; and, being one of them, I hasten to write to you and respectfully ask you to supply me with some food.

I am one of the lost sheep of the house [R1722 : page 336] of Israel. Recently the Lord opened my eyes, and I saw my Good Shepherd afar off. I ran to him over cavities and mountains, through thick forests and heavy walls, until I came near him, that I need only stretch my arms to embrace my dear Lord and Savior; and, O Lord! there is still another mighty obstacle obstructing my way: one which I am not able to remove myself, nor know I of a strong friend near me who would offer me aid. I am therefore rejoicing over your proposition, and hasten to apply to you for assistance, and trust that through your superior theological knowledge I will be able to embrace my dear Lord and Savior freely and consciously, and attach myself to him for ever.

I am now reading the New Testament thoughtfully the second time. Every word makes a deep impression upon my mind. I am fully convinced, and heartily believe, that our great Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the Son of the living God, the authorized ruler of earth and the direct Mediator between the mighty Father and the sinful world, and that only through believing in him, and by his precious blood, can our sins be cleansed away, and we become white as snow. These facts came to me partly from the New Testament, but mostly from the Old Testament and from the fiery Law.

The obstacle that now obstructs my way is Matt. 28:19, and the general Christian doctrine of "Trinity," which conflicts very much with the first and most important commandment of our mighty Father. In the first commandment, the Lord said, I am (perfect in himself) the Lord thy God, and thou shalt have no other gods before me. He also emphasized this very important commandment by placing a heavy punishment upon disobedience to it. (Exod. 20:2,3,5.) Now, if a Christian must believe in "Trinity," that the godhead is composed of three persons, the Father, the Son, and the holy spirit, it is in my judgment (I fear to utter it) a violation of that very commandment. I would therefore be exceedingly grateful to you, dear friends, if you would be so kind as to give me a plain and explicit [R1723 : page 336] explanation on the above subject, that I and my family, and perhaps many others whom the Lord may privilege me to bring under his shelter, may live in the beauty of truth and holiness.

Awaiting your reply, I am, Yours faithfully,

C. S. L__________(a Hebrew).


GENTLEMEN:—Please accept heartfelt thanks for the three volumes of DAWN. We pray that their light may be brought unto all people, as they are, veritably speaking, a key to the Bible. Heretofore the Scriptures were very dark to me; but since reading the DAWNS, they are being opened up to me in their true light. May the Father of Heaven add his richest blessings to the effort put forth in their circulation, is the prayer of your humble servant,



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DEAR BRETHREN:—About two months before having seen or known of MILLENNIAL DAWN and its wonderful and glorious Bible teachings, I had solemnly given myself to God in consecration, earnestly seeking to know and to do his will. When I began to investigate the DAWN, seeing that it was somewhat different from other religious books, I read critically and prayerfully, going to the Father, through Christ (John 14:6), and leaning on his promise to give wisdom to them who ask, seek and knock; and so I was ready to search its pages according to the will of God—whether it were truth or error, "strong meat" or simply the theory of man.

Hungering and thirsting after truth, I continued to read, searching the Scriptures daily, drinking in the refreshing truths from the eternal fountain of all love—God. With the knowledge of these things in my heart, my experience is one of joy and real satisfaction. Nevertheless, since I began to walk in the path of light, and to appreciate the exceeding great and precious promises, I noticed the way was not smooth and easy, but rough, difficult and narrow, with many obstacles to overcome. I saw I must be tested and tried (to prove my love for, and appreciation of, the truth), not only during my first lessons, but at all times afterward. So I realize that I must overcome, and "press toward the mark for the prize," walking by faith, while the way becomes more narrow and steep, even until the end, when the blessed goal is reached, and the crown of life received.

I have endeavored to carry the good news to others; and it is my purpose to "continue in the word," and let the light shine, "holding forth the word of life," no matter what it may cost me.

Yours in the precious faith,