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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—Of the books I brought with me to Denmark, there are now none left, and several Christian friends are anxiously waiting with me for the new lot to arrive. The lady class leader of a large Methodist church, to whom I sold a copy of DAWN soon after coming here, has read a good part of it and has liked it so much that she is recommending it to S.S. teachers and pupils, and has sold several copies. People are not so prejudiced against it here, as some seemed to be in the United States.

This is a very lively place, and everybody looks happy and contented. There are many churches. The state church is Lutheran, a dead, formal thing, which, as intelligence increases, is losing more and more of its influence over the people.

There has been much talk lately among the dissenters, Baptists, Methodists and others, concerning a church union. A Mr. Edwards of England, one of the members of the S.S. committee in London, has been here several times, speaking in various churches upon the subject of joining all the Sunday Schools into one large body and using the "International S.S. Lessons."

I have attended three of these meetings, the last one being held in the Baptist church; and for the first time here ministers of various denominations were seen and heard from the same platform. They seemed united to work their own scheme of "saving the whole world" before the Lord's Kingdom is set up. Oh, how blind the guides! and the people are in gross darkness concerning the Lord's real, glorious plan. May his Kingdom soon come!

I would like very much to have a companion in the canvass, and am in hopes soon to get a young man, a clerk in a large book store, who is reading the DAWNS and likes them, to start out with me in the harvest work. I have not regretted that I left America, but am well pleased here in every way. I delight in doing some good work for the Lord, in finding and sealing his dear people, and feeding the truth-hungry with good meat from his table. Truly it is a glorious work, when rightly understood and appreciated, and I thank the dear Lord for the opportunity of being used in it.

I remain, Your brother in Christ,



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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I wish to ask a few questions in regard to some of the teachings in the WATCH TOWER and the Tracts. Should not we who come out of Babylon have some organization? [See TOWER, Sept. '93.] What is the form of worship followed in your Allegheny Church?

We have started a Bible class at our house. We meet with a few interested neighbors every Thursday evening. Any suggestions as to what plan would be most conducive to our spiritual growth will be gladly considered. I do not want to take much of your valuable time. If the questions within are of enough general interest to be treated in the TOWER, I shall not expect a personal answer to this letter.

I am in sympathy with the experiment of the TOWER Society in sending out teachers. May God be with the movement. With Christian love from Sister Heston and myself, I am yours in his name,



DEAR MR. RUSSELL:—You will be glad to know that we are continuing our weekly class at Mr. Sheward's house. We are now two-thirds through VOL. II. of the DAWN. It took us a whole year to master VOL. I., there being so many points that required close and careful thought; but I think we were amply repaid for the course
we adopted....

Believe me, Yours sincerely,



DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I enclose $1.00 for which I would like you to send me copies of the October number of Z.W.T., which I will take great pleasure in circulating among my Methodist acquaintances—some ministers, who dare not express their sentiments for fear of the bishops. The "New Gospel" expressed in Bishop Foster's sermon, however, may loosen their bonds somewhat, and they may follow their leader, even though they have heretofore resisted the plain truth. The separating continues. "Forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country," is being fulfilled in Babylon. The "clouds of heaven" are growing thicker, and must soon burst into the final great storm.

Yours in the patient waiting for the Kingdom,



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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—I noticed in a recent TOWER the article on "The New Branch of the Work," but had not thought of myself as having a clear enough knowledge of divine truth, or as being otherwise competent to fulfil the requirements. However, I find that in some attempts to help others the Spirit of truth has greatly assisted me in bringing to my remembrance many truths of Scripture which I was not aware I had in my storehouse of memory. I have also found that all such efforts to help others have always been of great benefit to myself; and now, after prayer and consultation with the Lord, I feel that perhaps I can be used by Him to some extent at least in strengthening some of the "babes in Christ," by endeavoring to help them to a clearer understanding of God's wonderful plan. It is only by the grace of God that I can say that the eight qualifications are applicable to me; but by his grace I hope to be able to meet these requirements, and so am glad to offer all the time at present at my disposal.

A recent Sunday I spend very pleasantly and profitably with a brother and his wife whom it was my privilege to interest in the truth. We spent the afternoon with relatives who have greatly opposed them in the new light, and with whom he has had long controversies, which, he now sees, have only hindered them instead of assisting them as he was anxious to do. After considering the matter, I thought best to avoid all controversy, and seek to talk only on subjects on which we could agree, not missing opportunities to show forth the love of Christ and to impress them with the fact that we had been with Him. The result was a very pleasant afternoon, and a cordial invitation to come again.

May the dear Lord bless you and Sister Russell, and all of the laborers, and help each one of us in these trying times to stand firmly on the rock, Christ Jesus our Ransom.

Your brother in Christ, A. L. WITTER.


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DEAR BROTHER:—Christian love and greetings from me and mine to you and yours. The "transforming" influence of the "renewing of our minds" draws us nearer in love to all who are probationary members of the Church, as well as to Jesus and those with him who have been changed.

The work of preparing the Bride is wonderful, and the new plan of sending out Brethren to strengthen and help those who are striving seems very wise, though the risk is apparent. From a little experience of our own it seems timely. We have found that the lack of many is systematic Bible study.

As a confirmation which you did not mention [See TOWER, Aug. 1, "Is Death a Penalty or a Consequence?], as to Satan's power being exerted through various kinds of insect and other life, see Luke 10:17-20 (Diaglott). Verse 19 reads, "Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and on all that power which is of the enemy"—showing that those injurious creatures are counted part of his power.

In our reading my wife and I came across the best proof we have yet found that the "remnants" of the so-called "ten lost tribes" were really in Palestine. Paul, in his speech before Agrippa, says, "And now I stand and am judged for the hope of the promise made of God to our fathers; unto which promise our twelve tribes, instantly serving God day and night, hope to come."Acts 26:6.

Our daily prayer is for you and Sister Russell and those associated with you, that you may indeed be led of the holy Spirit.

Yours in the love of Christ,



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GENTLEMEN:—I have recently received two or three tracts from you, one of which, entitled "Do You Know," is of a character to command my attention and enlist my confidence. Your liberal attitude and anti-sectarian spirit, with your advanced Scriptural declarations, commend your publications sufficiently to induce me to seek a more intimate acquaintance with your Society and from what you assert in relation to the book, MILLENNIAL DAWN, I am induced to send for it; and, as the price is not given, I enclose one dollar, and you can send me anything that you consider "meat in due season."

I am poor in spirit and purse, but rich in faith—looking for the coming of Jesus Christ, the King of kings, and loving his appearing. I belong to no sectarian organization: if a member of the Church, it is the one that fled into the wilderness from the face of the serpent, the only door to which is Christ.

If your Society publishes a serial, send me a number. I will endeavor to help sustain every means of grace that seems to accord with Bible truth and "the faith once delivered to the saints." C. D. M__________.