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THE five items below are from the columns of The Gospel Message. We are glad to see that some of Zion's Watchmen are awake and not afraid to "Sound the Alarm!"



"A western Bishop of the M.E. Church in conversation with one of our county workers in Nebraska said that Verbal Inspiration was one of the most dangerous doctrines ever taught, that it was the cause of more abominable heresies than most any other doctrine, being associated with such ideas as the Second Coming of the Lord, and the rest of those things, and urged another worker—a Methodist—to stand by the Church of his fathers.

"If this Methodist worker should stand by the Church of his fathers, he would probably not be in speaking distance of this present, Bible-destroying Bishop, for, thank God! Wesley, Fletcher and the fathers believed the Bible to be very words from God, and earnestly desired and looked for the second coming of Christ....Sound the Alarm!

* * *

"The First Congregational Church of Denver has just installed Dr. John P. Coyle as pastor. During the examination previous to the installation services he would not admit that Christ was the Son of God more than any other good man. That he lived in closer personal relationship with God and in greater conformity with his will and nature than any other who ever lived, he acknowledged, but no more. Answering the question, 'What do you mean by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ?' he said: 'Coming into the same kind of personal relationship with him that some poor fellow does who cannot get along without depending upon Brother Uzzell.' (This brother is pastor of a church that does much to supply the needs of the poor). He also stated that he regarded Christ as a consummation of the development of the world at the time when he came. ....At the conclusion of the examination the committee retired and discussed the situation nearly two hours, the final vote standing fourteen to five in favor of his installation as the new pastor....

"We say it deliberately, and after due consideration, we believe that it would have been better for this church to have installed some noted infidel, for then a less number would likely be deceived and led away into the arms of the Adversary. Thus the teachings of those destroyers of the Faith—Professor Herron and his associates—are being worked out in Congregationalism, and the end is not yet. Sound the alarm!

* * *

"A leading Y.M.C.A. in western Iowa analyzed its membership in the official organ of the Associations, and under denominations placed Catholics, Unitarians and Jews, along with Methodists, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, Baptists, etc., with no distinction whatever.

"A southern Y.M.C.A. General Secretary writes us of his dissatisfaction with his present work, and states that he is crowded from early morning until late at night with finances, gymnasium classes and the social and educational departments, and even the religious work is becoming such a display with catchy attractions that it is hard work to get a religious meeting (so-called) without a brass band, and the less spirituality there is the more it is liked, even by those who seem to deplore such a state of affairs.

"All classed in together, and all given over to worldly sides of the work, that the Society may be made to go, and be counted a success before men—these are certainly not the marks of a Christian organization. It is, however, gratifying to know that all the Associations have not reached this place, but such is certainly the downward tendency of the day; and lest many of our Christian young men be carried down the stream, the servants of the Master will do well to—Sound the alarm!

* * *

"Christian Science is developing rapidly. The teaching of the advocates of this unscriptural sect leads them into peculiar positions. In Burlington, Iowa, the disciples of this theory have requested that the authorities excuse their children from attendance upon the classes in physiology, [R1797 : page 92] maintaining that there is no such thing as a material body: they do not want their children to be taught to believe in lungs, livers and stomachs as actually existing. Of all the silly fads which intelligent people have been guilty of advocating, this fad of Christian Science seems the silliest: its very name is a misnomer, for they deny the Christ. If they have no bodily organism it seems a wanton waste of money to purchase food—they might better use their cash for the propagation of their doctrines....Sound the Alarm!

* * *

[R1798 : page 92]

"A short time ago a prominent Presbyterian minister in eastern Kansas made the opening speech for a Hebrew fair. There were present Jews, Roman Catholics, Congregationalists, Presbyterians and other classes of people, and among other things he said, 'This meeting shows me that the people are rising above sectional differences and are becoming more acquainted with good ways along this line; it is a sign of progress and that man will soon be free. I love to meet men as men; God is the Father of all and not of any particular church. Such feelings better men and refine women, and I am glad to see all kinds of people here for the benefit of this church. I congratulate you on your Rabbi; he is the best minister you have ever had; he is a man of God; stand by him; he stands before you as a representative of the Almighty God.' The Rabbi then thanked the minister, saying, 'He is my brother, broad-hearted and world-embracing. I am glad to see such a union to bring offerings to the High Priests of Benevolence.' As he concluded his remarks the minister stepped to his side and the two grasped hands for a few seconds, after which, the minister announced, 'This fair is now open.' Among the attractions there were to be voting contests with prizes—the most popular young lady, a side saddle; the most popular minister, a fine clock; etc.

"Has this Presbyterian minister forgotten Calvary?—Does he intend to deny his Lord and Master? Our Savior said, 'No man cometh unto the Father, but by me,' and instead of preaching Jesus of Nazareth, Israel's crucified Messiah, to this poor Christ-rejecting Rabbi, he closely associates with him in the foolishness of a church show, and publicly tells him he is 'a man of God.' Such words seem almost to be blasphemy against God's only begotten and well beloved Son. May God forgive him, and raise up some faithful Gospel preacher in that city to—Sound the alarm!"